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I have a bunch of diapers that we just aren't using so all these are for 7 shipped or less. All of these are stain free unless other wise noted. Paypal only please (all kinds). I'll ship first class and will make deals if you buy more than one item. Feel free to make me an offer if you think my prices are too high. Just give these a good home as they are just taking up shelf space.

Mom and me Creations
2 small prefolds 5 ppd (one has a stain on it that I am going to sun)
2 small soakers 5 ppd

Little lounging lizards
1 large prefold blue serging 4 ppd
small pink prefold 3ppd

Little Lambs all large boyish prints
1 green hibiscus 7 ppd
1 flannel monkey 7 ppd
1 blue frogs 7 ppd

1 large heavenly hiney pul sail boat with fleece pocket and hemp insert

1 diaper babies fleece aio medium green 7 ppd

1 diaper babies large blue diaper SOLD

1 large red snugwee AIO this has windpro on the outside and elmo flannel on the inside. THe flannel is a bit pilly. SOLD
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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