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7 mo DD EBF, thinned out, worried mama

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My 7.5 month old DD has really thinned out over the past 4 months. She's only gained 2.5 lbs while growing a whopping 5 inches. Consequently, she's a lot thinner than she used to be and I am worried that she's getting too skinny. She's not crawling or walking to use up extra calories.
(For those of you into numbers, she's 18 lbs = 50th percentile, 29.5 inches = greater than 100th percentile)

She's still 100% BF and my supply seems strong. She's very satisfied with BM only and dislikes all solids. She is currently nursing about every 2 hours around the clock.

Is this thinning due to the lower fat content in BM as she gets older? Do I need even more fat or calories in my diet to make sure she is getting enough? I already eat a lot more than normal and take supplements.
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it's normal for bf babies to thin out compared to ff. 50th percentile is more than fine. it's when they drop off the chart completely for extended periods of time- or LOSE weight- that you need to worry. if she is nursing frequently, acting happy, and meeting most developmental milestones, there's nothing to worry about.
Wow! She's really tall (looking at my two 36" tall 3-year-olds at the moment, hard to imagine a 7-month-old only six inches shorter than them!!)! But I really wouldn't worry unless she starts to seem like she doesn't have enough energy, is really sleepy, acts lethargic, etc. It is obvious when a baby isn't getting enough to eat. They stop thriving. She's probably just gonna be a tall and skinny girl.

My ds weighed 19 lbs. at six months, and 20 lbs. at a year. He went from being a bit of a chunk to a skinny minny. But he was completely healthy.

Just keep nursing her on cue, and I'm sure she'll continue to thrive!

Sounds ok to me, dd was a chunk then thinned out, shes now 3.5 and could wear 24m in shorts but needs 5 in shirt to cover her belly---tall and thin.
The only thing about your dd that makes me wonder is if she nurses every 2 hrs does she nurse long enough to get sufficient amt of hind milk????
My 7 month old is the same size but he hasn't thinned out, he's still a chunk.
I don't know about your DD but my DS seemed to have this huge growth spurt where he grew all those inches in a short time. I think (with my DS anyway) the rest of him just needs time to catch up.

Our ped isn't worried, as long as he's maintaining his weight she says he's ok. It's if he starts losing and dropping off in the percentiles is when we should worry.

I'm outside of Chicago too!
Oops, just realized bri276 said the same thing!
She probably used up the calories to grow mostly taller. Our DD is also tall and thin (15.3 lb and 27.5 inch at 6 months). She dropped a bit in the weight percentage between 4 and 6 months. Our Ped is not worried.

sounds like she is doing great mama! those percentiles are usually based on ff babies
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Yeah, I agree...she sounds fine!!
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And just FYI, contrary to what you often hear, the fat and calorie content of your milk actually increases as your baby gets older. (I have a reference, but not at hand).
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