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7 mo old nursing MUCH less

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Hey gang,
My LO is 7 mos old. I feed him about 1/4 cup of oatmeal mixed with 1 1/5 oz of BM and a fruit or veg directly after nursing (2x per day).

He now only gets like 3-4 good nursing sessions in.

He had a weight issue before we introduced solids (didnt gain anything from 4-6 mos). I intro'd solids at 6 mos, he was EBF'd till that point.

Now that he has solids, I drizzle olive oil in it and his gain is better.

Is he getting enough BM? I dont want to cut out the solids, as it has helped him gain, but I also dont want to deprive him of nursing nectar.

I will try to nurse him more, but he is just not into it. He'll get on for like 30 sec, pop off, and not go on again.

He also tends to nurse MUCH better at night. He has been sort of STTN, I put him down at 7, he wakes to feed at 11, and then not again until 7 am.

Any advce is much appreciated!
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