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7 mos old with tracheomalacia? Anyone's babe had it?

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My little guy started doing this high-pitched sound on the in-breath (called inspiratory stridor). He sounds like he can't breathe, but he seems to be well-oxygenated, etc. It happens when he is in his car seat or lying on his back.

Anyway, the ped said that it's probably tracheomalacia, which is soft cartilege in the trachea. It's supposed to resolve by age 2.

I don't know...I'm still worried. It seems weird that this would just start at 7 months. He was kinda squeaky as a baby, but this just started on Sunday.

Tonight he's done it twice in his sleep. I'm starting to worry more.

I am trying to get a video of it to take to the doctor, since of course, he was happy and breathing normally at his appointment. Waiting for the darn batteries to recharge at this point.

I was wondering if anyone else's baby has had this. I'm thinking out loud now...but maybe I should take him to the ped chiro.

Anyway...if anyone has experience with this...I would LOVE to hear about it.

Thanks, mamas...
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My DD did that. It started when she was 6 months old. It happened right after we moved so we thought it was just the climate change. Then she did it in her sleep and we got qorried. DH has sleep apnea so we thought she might too. It stopped and I noticed today (she's 10 months now) that she has done it a couple times. I think your babe is ok. Keep an eye on him to be safe but I bet here shortly he stops doing it.
It's scary huh!
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Hi Adrienne. As a speech-language pathologist I sometimes encounter kids with tracheomalacia or laryngomalacia. It does usually resolve on its own and isn't generally anything to worry about. You might want to bring your babe to an ear-nose-throat specialist (otolaryngologist) if you are concerned or to get more information. In my experience, it's a condition that sounds a lot scarier than it really is!
My almost 8-month-old has laryngomalacia, but was diagnosed around 4 weeks old. Hers was very very obvious as a newborn, but since she got older, is now only apparent when she has a cold or after she nurses/eats too fast. Did they explain to you what it is? With that soft tissue in the top of the laryx/trachea, when fluid pools there, it makes the sound louder. Maybe your little one has a little cold that made it louder?

If you want to be sure, I second the recommendation to see an ENT. They can put a scope down his nose and see into his throat. It sounds awful, but we were there to watch them do it to DD2, and she made a face but didn't cry. They explained that it feels very weird but doesn't hurt. THen they can see into your babe's trachea, determine with certainty if that is the problem, and if that ISN'T the problem, you can look into other things.

Good luck!
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