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7 y.o. suddenly super-sensitive

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I know, that sounds like a tongue twister.

Is this a typical 7 y.o. thing? My daughter was never one to fall apart easily, or cry easily, or make a mountain out of a molehill, but lately, the tiniest little problem can trigger a huge crying episode. In the past week, she has fallen apart over:

- being told she can't have butter and sour cream on her baked potato, because she had thrown up an hour before;

- being told that wearing a new spring outfit to school wasn't a good idea, because it was going to be chilly and wet outside;

- hearing that a certain hairstyle looked a little strange and might result in kids teasing her (maybe I should have let this one go, but she did look kind of silly and I was concerned about what kids might say)

- feeling a little chilly at the bus stop because she was wearing tights.

Now, she's not falling down on the ground moaning and sobbing, but she'll start to cry and then she just sort of runs with it, and it turns into this huge thing - you'd think someone just ranover her pet puppy. Of course, I wind up losing my patience after a bit and tell her it's enough already, and then I feel bad about that.

To my knowledge, there is nothing going on that would be at the root of this - no changes or problems at home or at school, nothing like that. So is it just a seven-year-old trait to be kind of moody and overly sensitive?
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It must be a normal thing b/c I'm dealing with it, too!

He cries more than the baby.
And about the most "meaningless" stuff, too. And, when I ask him why he's crying, he gives me the "silliest" reasons or he doesn't even know.

I just try not to judge him harshly and comfort him when I can. I'm pretty sure it's age-appropriate, just like the lying 6 months ago.

This will pretty much be our lives for the next 10 years, I guess.
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is she getting enough or too much sleep, is her blood sugar low during these episodes. These are all control issues, does she have enough control(but not too much of course) over other things in her life. Is she being given enough choices so she can choose something while you still have some control over it(ie, what about if we did xxxx with your hair instead).

I bought my 7yo new splash pants Sunday because she just couldn't wear her snowpants to school anymore(too hot and they've got rips in them that make them useless against water). Yesterday she came home from school with her pants soaked from almost the crotch to her feet. I told her to take her clothes off outside, she took her boot off and water came flying out. She changed, refused to wear her splash pants and went bike riding. The kids were playing in the front yards and she came home soaked the same way again. She changed and went to go outside, I told her if she kept refusing to wear her splash pants she was going to have to start doing her own laundry. She happily got into them and played outside in the snow for a couple of hours without getting wet. She's off to school in a couple of minutes so we'll see if she wears them again.
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Hormones....Hate to say it but her body is changing and gearing up for the puberty process. You might notice she is starting to get stinky. It is because her body is producing a little more hormones.
Well, she gets plenty of sleep and good food and fresh air and exercise. And I think I allow her enough control over things, but I may pay attention to that a bit more and see if I can back off a little.

Hormones? God, I hope not. She's skinny as a rail, and I do know that body fat is correlated with puberty, so I can't believe that her body could be gearing up already! Really???

She came home and talked to me about it today, and said she just feels herself getting very sensitive and she can't help it, but she'll try not to make such a big deal over little things. I think it's great that she's aware of it, and I told her that it's fine, and that I'd try to be more sensitive when she's feeling sensitive!!!
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