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7 yo ds in a Spica Cast

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Has anyone else had a child in a spica cast? I'm really needing some ideas on day to day living. Especially when it comes to using the bathroom. Right now we're using handheld urinals and bed pans. I was just looking for ideas from others. Thanks!

Spica Cast Explaination:
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My DD had a spica cast from her niples down both legs to her ankles. She was just over two yrs old though, so pottying wasn't an issue; we just kept diapers tucked in there. She was also fortunate that her break allowed her to have a semi sitting poition so she fit into the jogging stroller perfectly. Made moving her around easy-peasy.
I just remember that the nurse wasn't going to let us go home because we didn't have a car seat that would work with the cast. I can't remember who it was that finally convinced her that the cast was more durable than any car seat

The hair dryer on cool was a life saver for the "itchies". I'll see if I can find a picture...
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