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7th Gen. vs. Tushies while travelling?

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I've used both in the past. 7th Gen. are unbleached, but contain gel. They claim it's nontoxic, but is it any different than what's in mainstream disposables? Tushies are peroxide bleached, and don't contain gel. 7th Generation seem softer and more flexible than Tushies. Unless the diaper bursts, though, the gel beads aren't making direct contact with DDs' skin. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I prefer 7th Generation but I'm wondering if Tushies are a better choice overall for occaisions when cloth just isn't practical.
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I use 7th Generation when I don't use cloth...I had no clue they have gel in them. I've never had one burst on me, and dd can get diapers REALLY full at night! I've never tried Tushies so I can't make a comparison.
I used 7th gen when we went to Germany over a year ago. They fit better in the suitcase, that was our deciding factor. Plus they were lighter which helped at the airport weigh in. Even though I *hate* the crystals inside, the unbleached part appealed to us. It's a double edged sword. Remember to change them as often as a cloth dipe so the chemicals don't sit on the skin alot. Once we'd get back to our hotel, we'd let our dd run around naked until bedtime to air out.
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I'm curious about this myself. I've never even thought about throw-away diapers, but we are going on a travelling/camping vacation in a couple of weeks and dh put his foot down on cloth. I know that 7th Generation paper products tend to be a bit on the rough and less absorbent side, so I'm a bit worried about the diapers. I've considered using some extra fleece to line the throw-aways so that ds doesn't feel too wierd in them.
I find the 7th Gen. to be relatively soft for a disposable, and more flexible than Tushies. It's only for a few days, so I think either one will be fine. I'll probably go with 7th Gen. I'll just change frequently.

Thanks for the input!
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