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7th generation question

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I made my long awaited trip to the big city (Twin Cities, MN) and was noticed into Whole Foods that the 7th generation diapers were $9.99 a pack. At the one health food store in my town that caries them they are 14.99. I am wonder why the big difference. What are they were you live? and do they size similar to the big two sposies?

BTW I also stopped into Peapods in St. Paul. What a cool store. They have real live fluffy to look and and stroke. I bought a swim diaper and a size 0 Kissaluvs.
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They are 9.99 where I live also, at whole foods. Maybe your local store only buys a small amount of them, and are charged a higher price than whole foods...?? I don't know! The weight ranges on the package seem to be pretty true, I have bought these to use when we are out of town, or when my mom watched DS, before she learned about these new cloth diapers we have today! LOL They do still have the gel, but at least they aren't bleached, and are a bit better for baby and environment. I haven't tried the tushies yet, the ones without the gel.

Oh, I wish I had a store by me that sold cloth dipes, how fun!!

mnnice, where do you live in mn? i'm from harmony. it's about 3 miles from the iowa border (se corner). i've been to peapods too. great store!
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My sceen name is a misnomer. I live in Appleton, WI, but lived in the Twin Cities for 7 years (part of the time in the Mac-Groveland neighborhood that Peapods is in). I was just pack for a quick visit/shopping excursion. I visited Harmony it is a neat area.
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