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I'm trying to get help for a friend. Her daughter has recently stopped eating. Some background - this girl is a little on the hefty side, but usually very active, loves to eat lots of different kinds of foods. In the last 7 weeks she had both walking pneumonia and later strep throat. She also got her first round of braces off. She's missed a lot of school because of illness and also a week school break.

She has never made comments about her weight or body image, although her mother recently lost a lot of weight on a diet and it is sort of an ongoing topic at their home - they try to keep the focus on health and not body image.

She says nothing hurts right now and doesn't know why she can't eat. They've tried all her favorite foods. She's hardly even drinking water.

She said she doesn't know what's going on but she feels sad. Last week she said she thinks she is depressed.
Her parents are kind of freaking out and have maybe given it a bit too much attention but they're trying to back off a bit.

I don't have much experience with eating disorders. We're thinking that maybe she is still recovering from her illnesses and just doesn't feel well. Or maybe she is getting the cold shoulder from kids at school since she has missed so much - she doesn't really have any best friend at school. Doing this for attention? For control? Or just doesn't feel good still??

any thoughts? resources?
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