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8 mo and nursing problems

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so my 8 mo DS refused to nurse last night. We've never had any issues before, he's an enthusiastic nurser, solids-eater, and EBM bottle-taker while I'm at work 3 days a week.

Yesterday I picked him up early from the sitters to go to the doctor because he's had a cough for two weeks(he's perfectly fine). He wasn't interested in nursing in the doctor's office, which wasn't surprising as it was a new environment. He wasn't interested in nursing when we got home. And when it was time for his before bed nurse he just played with my nipple and jabbered at at and nibbled on it with his teeth, but wouldn't suck hard enough for let down. I got one of his bottles for the sitter out of the frig and he very happily sucked it down and went to bed. I was despondant that he didn't want to nurse.

Is this normal for his age? Anything I can do? He nursed fine this morning.

Thanks for your help, I'm not sure what to do...
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sounds like a very short-lived nursing strike.
Maybe you should ask over at the getting started and overcoming difficulties breastfeeding forum instead?
try this website, too
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