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8 month old refuses to nurse and ebm!

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My 8 month old ds refuses to nurse and ebm. It all started about two weeks ago he would only nurse in the morning and at night and wasn't interested during the day. He would much rather have solid food or water out of my sports bottle or whatever I was drinking. I have slowly introduced him to soild food and he has no interest in "baby food" at all he wants stuff he can hold and self feed. If it is on a spoon and mommy or daddy isn't eating it he wont have it. So in the morning we were nursing then an hour or so later he would have a small amount of bannana, and some sticky rice or whatever else I could dream up for him to eat without posing a choking hazard. Since birth he was never interested in a bottle and all of the sudden at 7 months he would take a bottle of apple juice from my mom. AF showed up on Thursday and since then he has refused to nurse and all ebm. Are my hormones making the taste of my bm change? I keep pumping and offering him ebm or a nurse and he refuses, so I've resorted to giving him formula so he doesn't starve (after first offering the boob or ebm) He hasn't been a great soild food eater either he palys and gets more on the floor and in his hair that he eats. Please tell me this is a phase nd as soon as AF goes away he will be back to his old nursing self. Is there anything I can eat or take to make my bm taste better? I HATE giving him formula and throwing out ebm thats sat around to long. I have been freezing some just incase he does show and interest also. What do I do?
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Things to try:

* If he uses a pacifier, chuck it until he's nursing well again.

* Get rid of the bottle. Give him any liquids in a cup.

The reason to do those two things is because right now, he's able to meet his need to suck without you. If the breast is the only place he can get that need met, he's more likely to go back.

Other things to try:

* Taking a bath with him. A lot of babies will nurse in the tub with mom, even if no where else.

* Nurse him when he's tired.

* Rouse him gently at night to nurse and let him fall back asleep nursing.

* Bring him to bed with you if you aren't already. Ditch your shirt.
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Jodie ... I know we discussed this already ... sounds like the PP had some good advice .... please keep me updated on this. I hope it all works out well ...

I like the ditch the shirt idea ... I know 99% of the time i am at home i am topless and it makes T want to nurse all the time ....

Good luck Mama!
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Thanks for the advise. I'll give those things a try today and tell you what happens. As far as the pacifier goes he has given that up as well this week without me even trying. I threw tham all away yesterday
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