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8 weeks pg and still breastfeeding question?

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I'm 8 weeks pregnant and still nursing my 10 month old. I have only had one very strange period back in January. I've had very few symptoms which makes me nervous because I have m/c twice when getting pregnant(but they didn't happen until 12 and 13 weeks) in the first cycle or two. But that said, I did feel like maybe my milk supply had gone down a bit and my nipples hurt to nurse.

Now though, my nipples don't really hurt to nurse anymore, yet a few times, I've had that let down tingly feeling you get during the first few months of breastfeeding? I haven't had that in months.

So just wondering if other nursing pregnant mamas can relate to this. I don't really know what to think. I do have occasional cramping, but no bleeding at all so far.

I guess I'm just asking fellow breastfeeing mamas with seemingly healthy pregnancies, what type of breast symptoms did you have?
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At that stage, it was gasp-worthy pain to nurse. Like razor blades cutting me. Awful. It did let up *a bit* later in the pregnancy, but it hurt the whole time.

Milk supply went down a bit, but not dangerously so.
One of my first symptoms of pregnancy was the ability to feel the milk letting-down again. I hadn't in months.

My nipple pain varies. By time of day, frequency of nursings, position, etc.

Initially I thought my milk supply had decreased and freaked out when it seemingly "came back." In reality, it seems that Carter was actually teething, and that I hadn't had a significant decrease.
When I got p/g with dd2 it was REALLY painful to nurse dd1 and it would come and go after the first few weeks.....when I got p/g with ds I had NO symptoms at all.....My nipples didn't hurt my breasts didn't hurt notta.....

I was in total disbelief when I got my bfp because that had been the one thing that I knew I was p/g with all my p/g's (I have had 2 m/c's)...but then again they were all girls (one p/g was twins). So I guess that was the difference......but ds came out a big healthy baby boy!

My milk supply decreased gradually....but was totally gone by the time my dd's were both 17-18mos and I conveived when dd1 and dd2 were the same age about 14mos. old.
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My nurser was older when I became pg. He was about 16 months, so I don't know if that makes a difference, but I had no real symptoms related to nursing or changes in my breasts. In the late 1st trimester, I did notice that my son began 'playing' more (rather than having a nursing session, he would latch on, nibble a bit, then latch off). It was only when I moved into the second trimester that nursing became more painful. That could be because he is less and less interested in full out nursing and I think my supply is diminishing as a result. Good luck!
Wait, you guys can't feel your let down anymore? I still get the tingly feeling, wierd
last year I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks, while I was still pg nursing was incredibly uncomfortable it felt like shards of glass accompanied by intense nausea.

This time is hasn't been to bad (which caused me a lot of concern
) it's not my favorite thing but it mostly makes me irritable and sometimes makes my skin crawl. It was most uncomfortable the first 6 or 7 weeks. Now at 21 weeks I haven't had milk in at least a month. ds doesn't care he still wants to nurse but we limit the dry nursing to a couple of minutes.
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I only usually find it uncomfortable to nurse near the end of a pregnancy. My milk gradually decreases until it's pretty much gone by the start of the 2nd tri, and then I get colostrum near the end.

I have three children who gestated while I nursed. I have miscarried, but (coincidentally or not) it was only when I was still tandem nursing. Once the older nursling weaned, the next pg stuck.
It really hurt to nurse (like, teeth gritting pain) for me between months 2-4ish, but has lessoned up recently (I'll be 22 weeks in a coupl days). My DS' 25 months now.
I hope the pain lets up!! I'm only 7 wks with an older nursling and it is painful!! It just started last week and I'm really hoping it will abate, because if it doesn't we will be weaning. DS is 3.5, turning 4 this summer, so I will feel okay about it. I just want it to be easy on him and I'm not sure he's quite ready. But he's already said he will stop when he turns 4.
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