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My 8.5 month baby is perfectly healthy he is happy feeds well (breastfed and solids) and is growing well. The only problem we have is at snooze time.

During the day he will sleep maybe 1hr sometimes 2, but only on the mother's lap. You place him in the crib he wakes up and is happy and looks fresh (does not cry). And his sleep is gone

At night it is very difficult to put him to sleep after he falls asleep we try putting him in the crib he wakes up cranky, the mother puts him back on the lap to help him fall asleep and tries placing him in the crib again. This continues for 45 minutes...
Even once he falls as sleep and is in the crib he wakes up every 1-2hrs... Mom will breastfeed and put him back to sleep. From reading online, babies at this age should be sleeping thru the night, our baby has never slept thru the night in his life, max he has slept for 4hrs straight.
Overall he gets cumulative sleep of 9-11hrs in a day. We have spoken to our family doctor of our struggles, she says it is normal. Is it time I scheduled an appointment with a pediatrician.
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