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9 mo wants to walk

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I am really torn about this. My 9 mo only commando crawls, does not maneuver from a crawl to sit, sometimes pulls himself up to a stand, cannot stand by himself, barely cruises on furniture... and yet, every time an adult is on the floor with him, he wants to go walking. Or rather, he wants the adult to hold him upright while he wobbles and puts his feet sort of forward and wobbles some more. He's not very steady, but he can cover a lot of ground this way.

Personally, I would rather he just wriggle on the floor some more until he is more ready to walk, but he is so adamant. Really, this is the only thing that my normally laid-back guy fusses about. When he wants to go walking, and I just set him down to crawl, he screams and arches his back and writhes in disappointment and fury.

So help me, mamas - WWYD? He's totally not developmentally ready, but in his little head, he loves the thrill of moving around on two legs.
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could you maybe get him a kind of bouncy seat that suspends in the door way?
He may be getting ready. I was walking at 9 months and my ds at 9.5 months. DS went from sittign anf cruising to walking and running. I totally did not think he was readt to walk until the day he just started and the 2 days later when he was running I knew I had been wrong :LOL
I would think that if he wasn't ready he wouldn't try. It isn't going to hurt him to have people walk him (although it may hurt your back
)and will help him develop the skills needed for walking. Rylie started doing that a few months ago and at just shy of 10 months she is taking steps on her own. She is wobbly but she loves it
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my DS walked at 9 1/2 mths.
I say let him try!
Some do not agree with the bouncers or exersaucers but they helped ease my little man's frustrations at that age.

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Sounds like an easy-to-please little guy- take him for a walk! I don't see any downsides to it.

Just b/c he's trying to walk w/ help doesn't mean he won't crawl for a while before he walks alone. My DD took her first independent steps at 9 months to the day - but still crawls when she wwants to go fast. A doorway jumper might be big fun for him if you haven't already tried it - DD loves hers still.
Oh believe me, there are downsides, lol. At least in my case. My ds is doing that (he's 7.5 mo old). He always been a baby that wanted to be held all the time, but at least I could use the wrap and get things done. Now if i hold him he leans every which way and whines to get down, if I put him down he whines because he wants me to "help" him walk around - ALL DAY LONG! I can't get anything done, he whines all day, it's horrible! There's no worry about it not being safe, the baby will decide when they're ready to walk. It's just anoyying! The excersaucer doesn't keep him happy, he's not actually moving. He can't crawl or roll (maybe "won'r" is better here), sitting and playing with any number of toys doesn't keep him happy. I've thought about trying one of those jump things but i think the novelty would wear off because he wouldn't actually be mobile. After coming to near insanity I've decided to buy a walker. I never wanted to buy one cuz they're not supposed to be safe and they just feel like babysitters to me...but i can't stand this! We don't have any steps in the house and I'll always keep watch on him, so I don't think safety will really be ab issue. Sorry this turned into a rant! I'm about to go crazy here! Anyways, my suggestion is a walker. :LOL
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I learned a trick from two moms walking with their babe at the Cleveland zoo- they used a prefold dipe or a similar piece of fabric, and held onto one end while new walking babe held onto the other. This way, mom wasn't bending over, breaking her back while babe learned to walk.

I thought this was brilliant, and told them so!
Livi first pulled herself up (totally by herself) at 6.5 months, and now she's 7.5 months and doesn't really crawl. She gets around, but not crawling. She LOVES to have someone walk her, and she pulls herself up at every opportunity. In fact, she's been able to pull herself to standing since she was about 4 months old, holding onto our hands. She loves the doorway jumper!! I think we'll have one of those early walkers here too.... We just help her when we can, and try to help her help herself when we can't. Yeah, that's not much help, but at least a little understanding!
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I wouldn't get a moving walker to help with this. My daughter came home at the end of 7 months, and she had used one a lot at her foster family's. She initially did not understand how to move her body. When we stood her at a table, she would lunge her body forward to move, similar to the movement in those moving walkers. It took her about a week to really figure out that she couldn't get around in the world like that.

It was just evidence enough to me that those devices do not give baby any benefit, and possibly do not let them learn how to move their body on their own.

She's 9 months old now, and she would walk around all day long with our hands if it were up to her. She has stood a couple times unassisted but she is still pretty wobbley. But, she is so close to crawling now and cruising on furniture and pulling herself up. She's going to master it all this month I'm sure.

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I agree that a walker won't help them learn to walk but it can ease the frustration of a baby who wants to go,go,go. My house was babyproof and I didn't let him out of my sight, but he loved to wheel around the kitchen while I made dinner or cruise around the livingroom while I folded clothes. At 9 months, I was a hunchback because ds was obssessed with "walking." He was not into crawling. In fact, he crawled at 9.5 months and walked at 11.
My dd walked at 9 mos too. Regardless of what you do, if he wants to walk he will!
Another mama of a 9.5 mos old walking babe. My baby was walking on her own at that age... she started really wanted to be walked around at about 8.5 - 9 mos.

I say let him try! He just might get going.
So, for those of you whose babes were really wanting to cruise in June when this thread started, are your babes walking now? Did they crawl first? My DD, 7.5 mos, is now obsessed with walking just like some of you described. She cries unless you are carrying her around or "walking" her by holding both her hands while she puts one foot sort of in front of the other. I've heard that crawling is really important developmentally but she is totally uninterested. I'd love to hear what happenned with some of your dc. thanks!
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