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First let me start off by saying my family has been staying with the in laws for almost 2 months. We got our lease broken because of mold in our bedroom closet, etc, etc. My 9 month old is un vaxxed, gets breastmilk and homemade purees and has never been sick. He is generally really healthy and very happy.

But for the last week or so he has been wheezy here and there and a little congested. But the wheezing will be very random and only seems to last a minute or so. My husband and I have allergies, I have bronchial spasms and use a non steroid inhaler. My husband and I have both had shortness of breath and asthma like symptoms on and off for the last few weeks as well. We are staying with in laws that live up on a hill, have 3 dogs (that never get bathed) a cat and a parrot. The house is only cleaned once a week by maids as well, I do as much as I can but the animal dander and my allergies limits me.

I am wondering if my 9 month olds wheezing could be from all the potential triggers in this zoo of a house. We will only be here another week or so but I don't wanna take any chances. Although I don't particularly like doctors I am thinking of making him an appointment soon (he hasn't seen like doctor in 8 months). He has no fever, no cough or runny nose. He hasn't been sleeping well this week either but I believe he's getting his top front teeth in.

Does anyone have any advice or has had a similar situation? Thanks.
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