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9-month post c-section questions

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Hi All -
I had my second c/s 9 months ago. The first one was not a terrible problem to recover from, after my body replenished all of the blood that was lost when the docs accidentally cut an artery. This one, however, has been miserable. I was bleeding every day for 4 months, and most days out of the week til 7 months. It only stopped when I began to do NOTHING - no walks, no lifting things, etc. So at 8.5 months I've been shoveling snow for a week now (like everyone else in the mid-atlantic states) and the bleeding has returned. It's not alot, and brownish-purplish again, not like aunt flo. I've had cramps pretty consistently, too, not severe but persistent.
I went to the doc at 6 weeks and was told everything was fine. I went back at 5 months about the bleeding and they did a u/s to make sure no placenta was retained. The u/s showed that I was fine so I was just told to wait, that it might take a year. Seriously, a YEAR???? I was told that I needed to take it easy. How am I supposed to lose the baby fat if I can't do anything active without bleeding again?
I know they accidentally tore my uterus at the end of the incision this time, so I have a sort of L or T-shaped scar now on one end, but the doc said this couldn't have anything to do with it. Most of my cramps are in that spot. I guess that's just coincidental.
I was badly anemic after this birth, I suppose because I just kept shedding so much blood.
This c/s was after 12 hours of terrible and unproductive pitocin-induced labor for a baby who wasn't ready to arrive - some of the time my uterus was not un-contracting between contractions.
What do I do? What's wrong with me? I'm trying to find another doc who isn't affiliated with the original practice. No luck yet.
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Wow a year? I bled for a long time with #1 but it was only like two months but it just kept coming back and I felt like crap for a year. With my second I only spotted for a couple days after the birth. I think the high amounts of red raspberry leaf tea and iron boosters (food and herb based) helped the second time around.
Hi - First off,
s. Second, have you tried the ICAN forums or yahoogroup?
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Ok, RRL is a great idea, and I'll look at ICAN too!
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