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I have tons of books FS. My daughter asked me to sell these so that she can buy something that she is saving up for. All are in good-excellent condition. None are ripped or torn, but a few have my daughter's name written in the front. Otherwise, in great condition!<br><br>
All books are 99 Cents each OR 5 for $4 OR 10 for $7.50<br>
Prices do not include shipping, but I will ship media to save you $$ When you PM me, include your zip so I can figure shipping to give you an accurate total.<br><br><b>Disney's Wonderful World Of Reading Books</b><br><br>
Cinderella <b>PENDING</b><br>
The Prince and the Pauper<b>PENDING</b><br>
THe Lion King<b>PENDING</b><br>
Snow White & the Seven Dwarves<b>PENDING</b><br>
Winnie the Pooh & Tigger Too<br>
Dumbo the Flying Elephant<b>PENDING</b><br><br><b>Little Golden Books</b><br><br>
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer<b>PENDING</b><br>
The Ugly Duckling<br>
The Shy Little Kitten<b>PENDING</b><br>
Scuffy the Tugboat<b>PENDING</b><br>
Butterfly Kisses<b>PENDING</b><br>
The Sailor Dog<br>
The Little Red Caboose<b>PENDING</b><br>
Winnie the Pooh--The Grand and Wonderful Day<br>
Disney's Beauty & the Beast<b>PENDING</b><br>
Barbie And the Special Sleepover (with Kelly)<br><br><b>Dr. Seuss/Bright & Early I can Red Books</b><br><br>
* Denotes books that were actually WRITTEN by Dr. Seuss. Many of the others, however, are similar style although different authors and similar illustrations/word patterns, etc.<br><br>
ABC *<br>
Bears on Wheels<br>
Thomas & the School Trip (Thomas the Tank)<br>
Who Are You, Sue Snue?<br>
There's a Wocket in My Pocket *<br>
Fine Feathered Friends<br>
The Best Mistake Ever & Other Stories Richard Scarry<br>
The Berenstein Bears--The "A" Book<br>
Berenstein Bears Christmas<br>
Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can you? *<br>
I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words<br>
Babe, A Little Pig Goes A Long Way<br><br><b>Classics for Beginning Readers by Reader's Digest</b><br>
These are beautifully illustrated hardcover books, like new<br><br>
The Tale of Peter Rabbit<br>
The Velveteen Rabbit<br>
The Beauty and The Beast (not disney version)<br><br><b>Babysitter's Club</b><br>
#1 Kristys Great Idea<br>
#2 Claudia & The Phantom Phone Calls<br>
#3 The Truth About Stacey<br>
#4 Mary Anne Saves the Day<br>
#5 Dawn & the Impossible Three<br>
#6 Kristy's Big Day<br>
#7 Claudia & Mean Janine<br>
#8 Boy Crazy Stacey<br>
#10 Logan Likes Mary Anne<br>
#11 Kristy & the Snobs<br>
#15 Little Miss Stoneybrook...and Dawn<br>
#47 Mallory on Strike<br>
Mystery #6 The Mystery at Claudia's House<br>
I will sell ALL of these for $12 PPD!<br><br><b>From the Sweet Valley High Series:</b><br>
Sweet Valley High Super Star--Olivia's story<br>
#15 Promises<br>
#16 Rags to Riches<br>
#72 Rock Star's Girl<br>
Sweet Valley Saga-Five Generations- The Wakefields of Sweet Valley<br>
These would be $6 PPD for ALL! (media)<br><br><b>Misc Other Books</b><br><br>
Before You Were Born (about babies, etc) Ann Douglas HC Like New<br>
I Wear My Tutu Everywhere<br>
The Littles Go Exploring<br>
Road To Reading Level 3 Barbie Ballet Buddies<br>
Arthur's Promise (lessons about Keeping a Promise) HC

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The Prince and the Pauper<br>
THe Lion King<br>
Snow White & the Seven Dwarves<br>
Dumbo the Flying Elephant<br><br>
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer<br>
The Shy Little Kitten<br>
Scuffy the Tugboat<br>
Butterfly Kisses<br>
The Little Red Caboose<br>
Disney's Beauty & the Beast
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