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9mo old twins with bad diaper rash - bleeding

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I've been searching (and finding) lots of threads on this subject so I apologize for starting a new thread. But I need to share our particular case

About a week ago dd2 became quite constipated - lots of little poops. She started getting pretty red and eventually there was blood. Not from her anus but from the skin around the area. Mostly just where the poop seemed to touch. We cut back on solids and used a suppository and the constipation is no longer an issue. She goes 1-2x a day with no pain. But the bleeding is still there. It doesn't look too bad at first but as soon as you clean her it gets bright red and starts bleeding. It almost seems like there's blisters because there's whit-ish stuff that is not easy to come off and I can't figure out if it's just cream stuck on her or skin peeling off. She is still sensitive to us touching her much there.

So, it could be due to the solids. We have cut way back and haven't introduced the common allergens yet. We practive BLW and really she doesn't eat that much (less than 5% of her diet). We've used disposable wipes from day 1 with no issues but they could be irritating her so we've stopped.

Now ds2 is coming down with the same type of rash. The thing is....he eats a miniscule amount of solids (like less than 1% of his diet). Like 5 organic round o's and one tiny bit of my banana in one day. So, I don't see how it can be related to solids but maybe....

And my diet hasn't changed at all so I'm not sure I can blame that as the culprit.

Ds2 just got another tooth and both babies are just finishing up dealing with a cold virus.

Now I'm wondering about yeast. Does this sound like it could be? I'm guessing if a mother and baby could transfer it back and forth than two babies could transfer it to each other or through the mother. I have no symptoms. I've dealt with thrush before with ds1 but not the diaper rash issue.

Based on my above what would you think the culprit would be? I've tried about 3 different kinds of diaper cream but no improvement. I'm just wondering what my next step should be. They're almost 10 months old and this is the first rash issue. We've always done a bare minimum deal with bums. Just wash and diaper - no creams or powders and it seems to work most of the time.
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To me it sounds like yeast. The fact that they have essentially the same rash (I am assuming you are BFing both since you mentioned thrush) and the symptoms sound like yeast.
Im sure some other mommas will hop in here and give more ideas but I wanted to share my experience.

When my DD is teething her poo literally takes the hide off her bottom. Like you said, its not the anus but the skin around it. Then once you wipe it, it gets worse... just like DD's. I have found this to only be teething related with her. Once the teething passes so does this issue. When it happens to her I just rinse her off in the sink with water and a mild soap, pat dry and then LOTS of naked booty time. I also use coconut oil and Weleda Calendula Diaper Care on it. That seems to help her out and it has always healed up nicely.

My DD has also had nasty yeast rashes but never have we had them bleed. We used Grapefruit Seed Extract diluted in water and sprayed on the bottom and let air dry at each diaper change... also stripped the CDs.

Good luck with your LOs, I hope this helps and they feel better soon.
I'd guess yeast. Are you using cloth diapers? If so, the yeast could be in the diapers and that's how the babies are sharing them. I use monistat and grapefruit seed extract to get rid of the yeast.
my dd had exactly the same rash once (after her diaper was neglected for hours on end repeatedly by a so-called babysitter
). i never found out if it was yeast or what.

I used homemade wipes solution on her every diaper change (added lavender essential oil to a water-apricot oil-baby shampoo mix), started adding tea tree oil to the diapers' rinse cycle, and applying calendula oil to the rash, and then burt's bees diaper creme over top of that. the rash got better in a week or two
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