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so zoey (turning 4 in august) is playing dollhouse last night in her room while i am playing with baby brother nearby. I hear her pretending with a boy doll and a girl doll.

The girl doll/zoeys high woman voice says "oh help me, help me! i'm stuck on the roof. someone save me!"
then then zoeys low mans voice/boy doll says "i'll save you" and then the womans voice/doll says "my hero!" and lots of smoochies - kiss kiss kiss

and then Zoeys says.. ok. switch!

and then its the man doll saying "help me. help me. i'm stuck on the roof" and the woman doll/voice says "i'll save you" and the man doll/voice says "my hero!" kiss kiss kiss

i just thought it was so neat that she thought it was perfectly fine for the man to save the woman. And then for the woman to come right back and save the man!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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