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DH wants to throw a blessingway/ceremony for fathers-to-be and needs info.

I tried posting this in the Dads forum but it simply wouldn't work.

This forum seems to contain mostly posts about relationship problems (I've posted here myself occasionally), but I'm hoping some of you have some experience or know something about this...

I've hosted blessingways and had a couple lovely ones myself. On the way home from one recently, DH said he wanted to host one for the dads- an idea we both think is long overdue. He's envisioning a small gathering of men engaging in conversation and ceremony/ritual to intentionally/consciously prepare for becoming fathers (or fathers for the 2nd time etc.) and honoring and clarifying their roles as fathers. Rather than just model it after a blessingway, I told him I'd look for info on the web (since he's working) and have found nothing. nada.

I'm hoping someone here has had some experience or can point me to good sites...
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