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<p>I love the idea of having my mate there with me, in an only him kinda way. I mean, that is how we got the little person in there!</p>
<p>(My kids will be here too, but when aren't they? I still remember my son asking me what was going on, and me telling him the baby was coming out when his sister was born -- HB with MW. ) Though we are still kinda on the fence about as we each have our own concerns, but are still very open and moving more and more into this, or an extremely hands off midwife kinda mindset... we even asked his mom, the retired L &D RN if she might help keep an "eye" out, but she said no (She is more of the mind set that one needs to have a natural birth at a hosp. just in case... o, and, she had 3 c-section, so.... anyway.)<br><br>
Part of me would love to do a "destination" birth at a cabin or something, but then I would want to live there, lol.<br><br>
Him and I keep joking about posting a HUGE (the the more reading I do the smaller it seems it would be) cart of a) what could go wrong b) how we would know it was happening and c) what we could, "should," and will do: Example~ A)Birth of Cthulhu b) tentacles presenting c) birth normally, and end world; get chain saw, and save the world; scream like little girl and cry in hysterics... LOL. Though beings that as far as him and I know there is no chart we are left reading as much as possible. I love it, we homeschool and think learning never stops, so I have become my own student! :)  I share with him everything I learn, though beings I am the one giving birth (and a doula/ CBE) I am much more "into" it, just as he is about computer (and, wow, have I learned a lot about them from him.)<br><br>
So I was wondering if anyone had my next "textbook" in hopes that I might barrow it. I best you can guess it!<br>
Unassisted Childbirth, by <span style="color:#000000;font-family:'ms sans Serif';font-size:small;">Laura Kaplan Shanley, as it seem to be that this is /theeeee/ book one "has" to be ready to "join the club." :) (In other words it seems like this would be at lest one of the best books to read when thinking about having an "unassisted childbirth") I if course would LOVE suggestions on other books, and, or, be more then pleased as pea if someone had another book for me to barrow. This "plea" is due to us being super financially tight and unable to spend any /extra/ money on anything as well as our local library being rather poor about inter-library-loans on books that are, what one might say, "outside their school of thought"... or it is just me.<br><br>
(Just and FYI for any who is unsure who Chuthulu is</span> <a href="" target="_blank"></a>)</p>
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