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My hubby is an avid babywearer! LOL in his own collection he has a really nice striped maya even has purple in it! LOL he has his own Kozy carrier black with kalaido pocket.. he does not have a pouch yet, but he does use the didymos as well, we used to have a trekker that he would use on occassion and we also have a tough traveller back pack carrier that he really loves...

His two absolute favorites that he would not do without (he just told me
) are the Kozy and the mayawrap (we bought ours from Suzy at shes wonderful to deal with and ships very fast, as well for the Kozy Kelley is really fabulous to work with she will make sure everything is just as you want it!

So thats my hubbies take on things...he would also really like to try a Pea in Pod pouch in his size but thats really on hold now until Jens son is healed and she opens again! but her product is one of the best I have used as well for what its worth..

Sorry for all the suggestions! there are just so many great products out there! it all comes down to playing and experimenting..I think its a good thing to be able to try before you buy if you have any doubts..i think its great your dh wants to wear your baby!!!

Yaay! for babywearing dads

HTH some.
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