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a classic celeri remoulade

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say, does anybody here have a clue? i'm looking for something very simple, like the one in anthony bourdain's new book 'les halles' (that i read & can't remember! wah!) i thought with the large amount of vegetarians, french canadians, & cajun/creole mamas here someone could put me on to something for my 'hurricane party' (ok, by the time it gets to tenn, it's just a very soggy thunderstorm :LOL) tomorrow. celeriac, lemon, dijon, parsley, i got stuff for homemade mayo, shallots etc. i know you vegetarian & aussie mamas have lots of good vegetable recipes!

(i keep doing searches, & coming up with slow-ass sites like epicurious & foodtv, which i do like for some stuff, but all i'm getting is crap like a 'slaw' with fois gras by that awful bobby flay. with persimmon cylinders, no less. gack. i like all 3, but i'm not seeing it as a 'slaw'.)

just a plain & simple julienned celeri remoulade. doesn't seem like it would be so hard to find, but there ya go.

('hurricane' recipes welcome, also.
i am also making tongue with mustard-dill sauce, saute'd baby spinach, mayocoba beans, crab cakes, & a chocolate volcano cake with molten espresso creme brulee & walnuts- courtesy of nigella. pepto-bismal, anyone? :p)

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