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A Comment on My Blog Entry About My Baby's Sleep Habits

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I wrote a blog entry about my baby's current sleeping situation, and I got a comment from someone who is obviously not into AP. I thought maybe you guys would be interested:
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Oh my. I personally don't think our decision to cosleep was for the benefit of the adults in the bed!! We're doing it because it's what dd needs right now, as she has demonstrated by waking up more frequently when she sleeps on her own.

At least she was respectful about disagreeing with you.
It doesn't sound like she has kids of her own. I thought she did until she mentioned that she's a "consultant." Who would trust a consultant to tell them how to raise their kids?

I bet if she ever has kids they end up in bed with her!
I have to laugh when people say "he'll never sleep on his own." NEVER?? NEVER?? Do they realize how ridiculous that is? I mean, never? really?
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The fact that she's a 'consultant' is the greatest tragedy. She's spewing this crap to parents who might question their own instincts and actually do what she suggests.
Good for you for keeping your cool and answering her respectfully. I usually lose any and all tact in situations like that. I probably would have called her a not so nice name.
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Ha!!! For our benefit!!!??? If that were the case DD would not be in bed with us! She takes up more room in our queen than we do.
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blech...i am sad for any children she is "nannying".
Your sleeping situation and your son's nighttime habits sound similar to mine.
My daughter is 8 months old and sleeps with us. Some nights she sleeps wonderfully and, therefore, the husband and I do too. Other nights, like last Saturday, we were all three up all night long. We took turns napping on Sunday to catch up. I co-slept with my first daughter as well. She sleeps fine on her own now, except for the rare occasion that my husband travels for business and she looks forward to the "treat" of sleeping with me.
I have heard so many times, "you'll be sorry" and/or " I told you so..." about the getting the baby out of the bed. My husband particularly enjoys having our daughter in bed with us because he spends so little time with her during the day. However, I would relish stretching out some day, hugging my pillow, and having my 1/2 of the bed all to myself
That day will come soon enough.
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