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A *different* nightime solution??

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Besides wool??
I am probably the only one here that isnt digging & I have no reason why..
Fuzzibunz used to be perfect for us!! But alas DS has slimmed down & they leak out the gaps in the thighs...
any other options??
I do have 2 hemp fitteds from cloud 9...but they are SOOOOO bulky AND because I am not digging wool..what other cover shoudl I use??
any other fitted/cover combo's?
any AIO's you would suggest??
(something not hard to get would be great! LOL)
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motherease air flow! Solved out night time problem! We use a KHW hemp fitted with a fleece liner and a ME AF! Works great!
I am not a fan of wool at night. I much prefer fleece covers and fitteds. I usually use celestial baby fitteds and sweetiebums fleece covers--nary a leak and they are so soft and cuddly. FB did the same leg gap for us. They work as a day dipe, but not a night. Go fleece.
I love it.
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there are a few good fleece covers you would try

Originally Posted by SEEPAE
there are a few good fleece covers you would try

got linkies for me???
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Oh yes, fleece is great! I made DS a 2 layer 200 wt cover and it was wonderful...kinda huge, but cute
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Our old standby for night has always been a simple Alexis Featherlite pull-on cover with a snappi'd orpinned prefold, or a very absorbent fitted diaper, or not so absorbent diaper with a few washcloths or a prefold layed inside to increase absorbency!!!

Alexis covers never leak, they breathe, and they are inexpensive to boot!
Personally I just used a fitted at night with a good pull on cover. I know the bummis pull on worked well
I know some hate them but they worked like charm for us.
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fleece shorts.

I hate, hate, hate wool. My ds leaked big time at night in the stuff. Now I use a fitted under a pair of fleece shorts and haven't had a leak since I went to that system (ummm, 2 months now?).
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we have had no problems with our fleece covers (stacinator) nor our MEAF! We've been using either/or over a FFST or Crickett's hemp (that's all we have for nights so far!!!) and had great results! We have a sugarpeas wool & it's very nice too, but more poofy than the fleece ones (at least on our baby!)
For a non-wool solution, the best we've used is a Motherease air-flow or an Alexis pull-on with an absorbant diaper. The best diapers that work for us at night are FCB Night lites or a Darling diaper pocket fitted (both are fleece lined pocket fitteds).

BTW, just about all of our wool wicks at night except our Lana and Aristocrat.
Windpro covers from work just as well as wool for us, day & night.
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before I started using my aristocrat at night, I always used ME airflow covers or bummis pull on nylon covers over a prefold, and I have never had a leak.
I prefer the ME because I think that they let air in more easily.
I am going to be selling a couple of Red Rap from Tots Bots. (I have 4) You can read about them at They come from Scotland.

I used these with much success before got over my fear of wool.
if you like FuzziBunz, Fancy Pants would probably work for you. When Ava started sleeping on her tummy I started getting leaks from the front of my FB. FP are side snap so that was no longer an issue. I now use fitteds with wool, but FP were great too!!

We love wool for night BUT my other fave is fitteds with fleece covers. We have always had great success with Sugar Peas fitteds with an extra hemp doubler under the snap in doubler and SPs Windpro fleece covers -- I LOVE this combo.

Now we mostly use SOS with fleece or wool. Another recent fave of mine is our 7th Heaven fleece cover -- I LOVE the fit and the way it looks.

Fleece covers are bulky but for night that is not really an issue for me.
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