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A different *off the Wagon* thread...

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OK, I've fallen off the wagon, and NO, I don't mean I can't stop buying diapers, I mean that I've fallen off the cloth diapering wagon and need to get back ON!!! We had a lot of company, have been traveling on and off, etc. and it just got to be too much to get extra wash done and hand wash covers for a while, but I hate spending $$$ on sposies! Plus dd is sooooo big now that we'll probably start using the potty soon, but in the meantime, I need some covers for her bum, and some more diapers too!

So, those of you who can't stop buying cute diapers need to save your money and help me spend mine. We have several cuddlebuns that I love and that seem to fit great, and a couple of wool snap on cuddlebuns covers! I also love these, but they just don't seem to quite fit all the way over the diapers the way I thought they would, especially at the legs. They fit great over the bikini cut ones we have, but the full sized ones just barely squeeze in. We just got a couple of sugarpeas diapers, and those seem to work well too.

I like the feel of the thin wool covers, but am not thrilled with the performance of the one recycled sweater/wool soaker shorts dd has...they're ok but so bulky, especially over the bulk of those two diaper brands we have. Also, we can't use anything velcro...dd pulls them off. When she was little we got by with litewraps and cpf's, and some bummis and we tried sweetcheeks (like the idea but the fit wasn't great on dd), but she grew out of all that stuff and I just didn't get agressive with buying toddler sized stuff.

Now dd is about 28 pounds and nearly 3 feet tall. She's probably average as far as her size--not thin or chubby....

Ok--give it a go...what should I buy? We need a bunch more diapers and 2-3 covers at least. I'm not really interested in poly fleece covers, but would consider ones with pul as a layer. I prefer natural fibers...wool, cotton and hemp, and will spend $ on organics, but not big bucks on anything (no $40 covers, thanks). Preferably covers that will also work with what we already have, though I'd try stuff that's a 'system' if I get enough plugs for it! Shameless plugging of your own work is acceptable to me, too (via PM, of course!).

Tell me what to buy!
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Yay! If I can't spend my own I might as well have fun spending someone else's!

Have you tried Sugar Peas diapers and Covers? You can find them here Narualbabies

I have lots of other ideas, but nothing is in stock.
Let me see what I can find!
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That list ought to keep me busy for a! I looked at a few and they don't have much in large sizes.

We do have two Sugar Peas, and we like them very much, but have the same problem with fitting the wool cuddlebuns covers over those. I need to buy one of their own covers and give that a try.

I'll keep looking, but keep the suggestions coming!
OK--I just ordered one large cover from Patchwork Pixie! Most of those stores just don't have anything large in stock or don't even make a size I think would cover my big girl's bum...she's already about 28 pounds, so I hesitate to buy anything for up to 30 pounds, or I'll be back in this boat again in a few months if she isn't potty learning by then.

I'll keep looking...any more suggestions? Anybody have toddler sizes in stock?
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