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a few faint + tests; negative beta... Help!

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Hi all!
I took several Target HPT's over the last 5 days or so. They've all given me a VERY faint positive right at the 10 minute mark. I've also done a few other hpts (I'm a testing maniac) and they've been stark negative even after the allowable reading time.
Went to the doctor to get a quantitative hcg and it came out negative. The result was "less than 10" however when I tested around the same time when I got pregnant with my son, my beta was 9. Different lab. I always thought the values were pregnant if you were over 2 and not pregnant if less than 2.
I actually haven't even missed my period, but know exactly when I ovulated; we bd'd that same day. It's not due till Friday.
I know I'm being very impatient here and jumping the gun in a big way but what do you all think?
My boobs are REALLY sore and one of them (the one I don't nurse on) has noticably grown.
Also, my discharge has remained clearish, not pasty like it does right before you get your period. The color reminds me a little bit of vaseline; like a mucous plug. Sorry if TMI.
Some signs point to pregnancy, others not!
I can't wait another two days LMAO!!!
Anyone else have a similar experience?
Maybe Target's test has a seriously bad evaporation line problem?
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I have no idea, really, but wanted to come in and wish you luck!

Come on over to the One Thread -- we're for everyone TTC, whereever you are in your cycle. Very supportive, very fast-paced thread (hard to keep up with, but fun!)

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I had a beta of 4 when I first tested, 10 DPO, then 3 days later it was 46. Then the following afternoon (36 hours later) it was 108. Feeling pregnant!

I ended up taking another test on the night of 12 DPO, because even though they said negative, they also said "iffy". That test was a faint +, the next day with FMU i took two digitals that both said pregnant, so i took my other lab slip (I had 2) and got another blood draw.

It is possible. You just have to wait for about 2 more agonizing days to find out!
Wow that makes me feel a lot better!
Did your positives come up after the three minute time limit?
I posted this in another thread since I double posted this message pretty much, but I did use serum to do the tests that came out faint positive. When I tried with urine, absolutely nothing showed up even a couple of days later (same brand of test). So that's what is having me really confused about evaporation lines. Is it or isn't it!?!?!
I did another test today using serum to see what happened. I'm still getting a positive but it's much lighter. So I wonder, was I pregnant and then the little bugger fell out of his cushion?
Well if it doesn't work this time I guess I can move myself officially to ttc. I wasn't officially trying before, dh and I just decided to experiment
Brave experiment eh?
take care,
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Karen, most labs use less than 5 as the not pregnant cut off. I've always really wondered when they say a 4 is negative though and with this pregnancy I have reason to. I had my blood drawn at 2 places with in an hour and one gave me a beta of 40, the other gave me a beta of 46--that's a pretty big spread if you ask me.
But, as the others said, I think you gotta wait it out.
I'm right there with you waiting! My period is 6 days late. I'm NEVER late. I've had a few faint positives and a negative blood test but the blood test was only 7 dpo. I'm so frustrated! I don't really feel pregnant but I never do until I'm like 7 or 8 wks. I honestly will be alright with either answer but am dieing to KNOW the answer.

My temps have been above 98 for the past five days. I think that means pg, right?
Here is a great link for the Hcg levels in the first trimester. It could explain why some women test negative for so long.

I went to the dr. today and he thinks it's too early to "test" anyway. I don't. I'm now a week overdue for my period. I know I'm pregnant. Low levels, maybe, but pregnant none the less. I've done this 5 times. I know what it feels like!
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Originally Posted by ekblad7
I went to the dr. today and he thinks it's too early to "test" anyway. I don't. I'm now a week overdue for my period. I know I'm pregnant. Low levels, maybe, but pregnant none the less. I've done this 5 times. I know what it feels like!

ekblad -
: hope you find out soon!!
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Ekblad7... Why would it be too early to test? I mean if your period is late, it's late, kwim!? Geez!! So anyway congrats to you because it sure as heck sounds like you're expecting

As for me, my period came on Thursday evening lol!!!!
The whole thing just didn't feel convincing but I'm still left wondering what happened. I'm wondering if it was one of those pregnancies that just never materialized; I"ve heard that many women get pregnant and never know it because they miscarry very early on, like when they expect their period.
Who knows though, because AF showed up right on schedule.
Ah well!
I guess maybe now I'm ttc??
Looks like in about 6 or 7 days I'll be on that 2ww rollercoaster again lol.
Take care all and thanks so much for your insight!
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