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I've picked up a lot of info from many posts but i still have a few more on diapering and i hope you can help me.

~Do you need to use a snappi or pin if you are not using a wrap (e.g. snap or aplix covers)? Or are aplix the same as wraps?

~Can you use extra stuffers and re-use the shell (like when using a FB)?

~My dd has had several leaks when using Bummis and once a FB, what inserts do you recommend.

~I have had serious chaffing issues with the Bummis and will no longer use them (pretty much halting most of my CD until i get more covers
). Will using only wool and fleece covers with snaps alleviate this? Dd spends a lot if time curled up in the sling sleeping and i want her to be comfy.

~speaking of snaps, what are the pros/cons of side vs. front? i have heard someone saying that front can cause issues when they sleep on their bellies. is this true of all fitted? i am looking at buying some doodlebottoms, liz's cloth, sugarpeas, and a monster baby.

ok, i think that is it for now. thanks!!!

ETA: are there patterns to sew my own wool soakers out of old sweaters? I am not the best sewer - are they hard to make?
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