Walmart has just announced their opening of an organic fast food restaurant in Orlando, Florida.
From the files of "Too Good to be True," chalk one up for Walmart, as they've just announced their opening of an organic fast food restaurant in Orlando, Florida.

When you think of clean, organic foods, Walmart is not the list topper.

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But they are working to change that, as they've just opened an organic fast food restaurant in a Florida store, Grown, complete with farm-to-fork and local foods that are free of GMOs and BPA. The restaurant is a partnership with Miami Heat basketball star, Ray Allen, and his wife, Shannon, and has tons of fresh and healthy choices for customers to choose from.

The couple opened their first Grown in Orlando when they recognized families do not have many options for clean foods, particularly when they are eating out. Their son has juvenile diabetes, and the parents want to help other families have options that are good for their children.

Shoppers can get things like cold-pressed-beet-apple-orange juice, lettuce wraps and grain bowls with wild-caught salmon on quinoa, and nothing has processed sugar. The ingredients of all dishes are from local growers who use sustainable farming practices, and frankly? Sounds heavenly.

The design of Grown mimics minimalist space using 100-year-old reclaimed barn wood and the floor-to-ceiling wall features organic edible herbs. Walmart clearly put time and attention, not to mention money, into the restaurant to show a commitment to bringing shoppers healthy alternatives. In an interview with Delish, a Walmart executive said that the restaurant looks to make organic eating accessible to all their shoppers, regardless of income, and hopes to be a game-changer in the organic market.

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And, while that is fine and good, the restaurant may have a little sticker-shock for those who come to Walmart looking for the lowest price anywhere. An order of the Chimichurri Chicken and long-grain rice bowl will run a shopper $16.

Photo: Grown Miami