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so does anyone else "blush easily"?! i had gone to a dermatologist a couple of years ago and she said i had mild rosacea. said there wasn't much that could be done about the mild version - some really nasty chemical treatments that she didn't recommend, etc. so i've dealt with it - i mean its not *awful* but i do get tired of people asking if i have a fever, did i get sunburned, etc when my face flushes. i swear i just want to put a bag over my head some days.

i only use burts bees soap and (a couple of times a week) one of their moisturizers. i don't wear make-up. i try to stay de-stressed. i try to drink a fair amount of water. i keep the sun off my face. i don't eat too much spicey food... but i still flush. so does anyone have any secrets they've tried and had success with?!

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