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A friend of mine is considering switching!

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I never thought I'd turn someone on to cloth, especially this one friend. When I told her I was switching she asked if I was crazy LOL. The only thing holding her back at this point is the impact on her septic system. I guess it's expensive to empty them?? Any thoughts on this?

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Hmmmm. I'm no plumber, but I did grow up with septic tanks. Septic tanks usually are just the first step to wastewater processing, and don't actually store the wastewater, but send it out to the soil for final processing. Tanks just need to be emptied and cleaned once every 1-3 years to remove the solid sludge that stays behind.

Babies don't make that much waste. The biggest impact on the septic system would be the waste water from cleaning the dipes, and I can't imagine that 2-3 extra loads of laundry a week would make that much of a problem.

Unless she has a very small yard and therefore, her tank holds wastewater in addition to sludge (ie her system does not allow wastewater out into the soil in its final step - but this would be unusual), I don't think the difference in quantity of sludge would require pumpings any more frequently than her current maintenance schedule dictates.

Hope she decides to go for it!
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no advice about the septic system but I can't imagine using cloth would make any difference.

I think that's awesome you converted someone, I wish I could
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