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We had a decent day! The GI wrote a prescription for Zantac and wants to see her back in a month (no surprises on either count), and he had a look at her pneumogram which didn't come back that badly; because she's breastfed, however, the test will always show a lower degree of reflux than there actually is. Because the neph was unhappy with her (lack of) weight gain, and because she didn't look fabulous today (she's got black circles under her eyes and her skin is kind of sallow), we're going to treat her anyway. He was somewhat impressed and rather pleased that I realized that if she was vomiting bile, it would mean that it was coming back up from her duodenum and not just her stomach. All in all, a decent visit. He needed her creatnine level to prescribe the Zantac, though; apparently she gets less because she's got kidney issues. I was pretty happy with her creatnine, it's almost normal (.5, normal is .3) but it's still "significant." At any rate, I'm calling it a good day.
Thank you for all the warm fuzzy thoughts!

Julie-- I'd love to sell it to you, but I have to warn you that the thing is heavy as all get out. I'm sure that shipping alone would be obscenely expensive.
I'll weigh it and let you know, but I don't think anyone's going to want to buy it if they can't drive and get it.

I'm all in favor of a card swap! I can manage that, I think!
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