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I had my midwife appointment this morning. Nolan (my 4yo) came with me, as he is very interested in this baby. Mallory (my 3yo) stayed with my neighbour.<br><br>
I'm 15 weeks (almost) and the fundus is measuring large...two fingers below my belly button. I also found out, from my ultrasound report (to diagnose a hematoma), that I have an anterior placenta. It's odd...I had that ultrasound over a month ago. My MW is lovely...she will give me any info that I ask for but is kind of "oh everything is wonderful....lalala". She's also very good about being medically competent when necessary (as I found out with my last pg that was complicated). However, she didn't think to tell me the heartrate or the anterior placenta info...I read it in the copy of the report that I requested.<br><br>
Anyway, I've been feeling little taps and wiggles for a few days now so it's nice to know that the placenta is not inhibiting that. YAY! My blood pressure was 94 over 58. Typical for me.<br><br>
They took blood...Nolan watched the whole thing! As soon as I said that it didn't hurt he wanted all the details! He got right up close to the needle and liked watching the vials get changed. Maybe he'll be a hematologist?<br><br>
All in all a good appointment.
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