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son is still sleeping
It is 4 in the morning
dryer almost done

soft clean hot diapers
folding in front of tv
smile on my face

I love my diapers
my beautiful cloth diapers
I love them I do

I shared with you
please will you share with me too
a diaper haiku
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It is 10 a.m.
came to see if you replied
sadly no haikus

where are the haikus
pages and pages I've seen
please write a haiku

It will make my day
A lovely Haiku Day
Great day for writing.....HAIKUS

(ok, imagine me NAK, singing my haikus.....this is what happens when you only get 3 hrs of sleep.)
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I am having a very hard day. Will some one please write me a diaper haiku.
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baby is grumpy
needs to take a big poo-poo
not even a toot

ok, that was kinda dumb, but my baby is so gassy and miserable
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Diapers are swishing
And oh I have been wishing
To jump into bed

But there are rinses
Spinning and rinsing friends
Yawn and keep going

All the time knowing
He'll wake up and poop again.....

......that'a a 95% haiku!!!!
A hideous rash
on my baby's little bum
what ever to do

Little Houdini
nary a diaper stays on
she's naked again

My poor dear husband
can't figure out the diapers
Oops! Wool in the pail

Paypal depleted
a dark cloud covers my day
need some fluffy mail

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baby needs his mom
diapers waiting to be washed
this is my haiku
I will bump this thread
diaper haikus are a fave
as are all haikus

has been a long time
see my first poem in a year
just for pretty dipes
my new love is found
freshly washed unbleached cotton
my face where poop was
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