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well. seeing as my midwife is also my close friend, things are VERY informal at this early date. (She hasn't even filled out paperwork or anything yet, hehe!) The other day we were on the phone and she said "hey, I'm not busy--if you can come tomorrow morn we can try to get heart tones!" So I said OK! Now, we had already tried to hear heart tones around 9 weeks and got nothing, so i was esp. eager to get this pg "confirmed"....however....I had been waiting for a time where the baby's father could come too. He doesn't have a CAR right now
and lives two towns over, so this can be tricky at best. i TOLD him, he was so excited, but then that morning, he was just "too tired"
So I was like, fine, whatev, screw that! and i went by myself.

Heard a good strong heartbeat, in the 150's, she said i seem a bit small for 12 weeks but it probably means nothing
so YAY! we hung out for an hour or two, talking about random stuff and looking thru wholesale catalogs (she also runs a natural baby/pagan shop)...then i went to my mother's, had something to eat, got hit by wicked MS and took a nap!

mid-afternoon i am rudely awoken by my cellphone, it's him--he's gotten a ride to my friend's store and begged her to do the doppler again so he could hear it, he's so sorry, it means so much to him. and, he's bought me a present. Sigh.

so i go up there, the
's harder to find this time, which is actually a good thing in my mind because all that adjusting-the-doppler made extra-sure there aren't TWO heartbeats in there!
finally pinned the babe down again, heard it kick, along with the same strong heart tones. he almost teared up, hugged my friend in thanks, and then gave me the most beautiful moonstone earrings and pendant EVER. I've wanted these for like a year, he remembered.

we talked a lot...his health issues are sometimes bigger than i can fathom (interfereing with sleep etc), and it's not really fair of me to hold that against him...sigh....

i feel like everyone should
me--i am so confused sometimes!

at least i know for sure that i've got ONE healthy
going on in there!
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