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A lil shameless bragging :)

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A friend of mine took some photos of me a few weeks ago, we'd all gotten together to belly dance at another friend's house. We had a great time! I was trying to decide if this should go into belly pics, but thought I'd just post about them instead (besides I'd have to do the math to figure out how many weeks I was, I'm thinking about 10). That really is a sword on my head in the second picture. Enjoy!
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that is so cool, and you look GORGEOUS! i wish i wasn't such a stumbling klutz, maybe i'd try dancing then
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beautiful! i wish i was coordinated enough to dance. i have enough trouble just walking without tripping on anything

if i may ask, where in MI do you live? i just noticed you live in the UP. i'm from Grand Rapids originally and have family in Marquette.
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Looks like you were having fun! Love the pics!
You are so cute!! Great balancing with the sword. How long have you been dancing?
You look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing those.
You look great, I'm a klutz I'd fall on my @$$
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You look so happy and cute! Thanks so much for sharing!
Looks like you were having a blast!!
I realized I never thanked people for checking out my pics! I've been dancing since 2001. It's so much fun!!
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