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in case anyone is interested. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="innocent"><br><br><br>
I believe in my ability to give birth painlessly and easily.<br>
I give birth painlessly, easily and without complications.<br>
I am not afraid.<br>
I trust that my body knows exactly what it's doing.<br>
I trust in my ability to give birth alone.<br>
I trust in my ability to birth my baby.<br>
During labor and birth, I am completely relaxed and comfortable.<br>
I trust that I have inner help.<br>
I am deserving of a painless, easy, uncomplicated birth.<br>
I have a painless, easy, uncomplicated, peaceful, joyous and pleasurable birth.<br>
My baby is healthy.<br>
I am completely cooperating with my body.<br>
"Soft, relaxing, open."<br>
Just courage and patience are required to send my baby joyfully into my loving arms.<br>
My body is made to give birth, nice and easy.<br>
I believe my baby's birth will come quickly, quietly and easily.<br>
My body is completely relaxed.<br>
My baby is born in pure pleasure.<br>
Pain plays no useful purpose whatsoever in childbirth. Pain is useless and unnecessary.<br>
Everything is going right.<br>
Release all abdominal muscles. Stay in the release mode. The putter mode.<br>
Relax my mind and muscles.<br>
I open like a lotus . . . recognize the similarity of a bowel movement and birth. No pain, just patience and allowing and completion.<br>
Courage, faith and patience.<br>
I am in complete control of what is going on around me.<br>
My body is not designed to hurt itself. My body is intelligent and will handle all situations expediently.<br>
Keep breathing slow and even. Inhale peace, exhale tension,<br>
Keep my mind on acceptance and surrender.<br>
I show absolutely no signs of fear or concern.<br>
My only responsibility is to control my mind. My body will birth my baby safely and effectively.<br>
My son's birth paved the way. My body has a wide open space for my baby to descend. There is nothing in the way.<br>
My iron level is high. My hemoglobin is high. My plasma is in proportion to the number of red blood cells.<br>
My body will give birth in it's own time.<br>
I have a pleasurable and orgasmic birthing.<br>
Giving birth is a highly creative act full of orgasmic feeling . . . a moment of ecstatic pleasure.<br>
Our expectations not only affect how we see reality, but also affect the reality itself.<br>
I go into an altered state of consciousness that allows for the safe and easy delivery of my baby.<br>
Birth is a supremely easy and natural occurrence for which my body has been perfectly designed.<br>
I have the power to handle whatever comes up. I give birth peacefully and quietly.<br>
There will be no complications.<br>
Total serenity is my back-drop.<br>
I believe in myself and I have nothing to fear.<br>
I give birth in safety and solitude.<br>
I do not fight the birth in any way. My body is totally relaxed. I am not afraid.<br>
My body is meant to give birth efficiently, naturally, painlessly and without complications. Birth is a joyful event.<br>
Mind is everything. We become what we believe.<br>
Believing makes it happen.<br>
Contractions are easy, relax.<br>
I follow my instincts and give birth in the way I desire.<br>
I am ready and prepared for this.<br>
My job is to simply relax and allow the birth to happen.<br>
I see myself handling everything beautifully.<br>
I deserve this birth!
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