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A little advise from a recoverd panic girl

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Hi everyone,

I've seen this forum many times before, but I never posted. Now I finally feel the need to. As a mom I began having panic attacks after my first daughter was born in Dec 2000. I realize now it was the silence of being alone with my little one that brought me closer to my issues than I ever had been before. The attacks came and went I went to a therapist, read book after book. Now I have come to realize when I invite the panic ,the fear ,the pain and I observe it without having to fix it run away from it or do anything the fear dissapears. Same with depression ,anger anything. Observe your thoughts, journal without thought , just write. Observe what you are constantly telling yourself and then love it all. Don't try to fix it just love it, invite it feel it without it overtaking you and then you will have the power to change it. The meaning of life is to end the suffering of the soul, so tell the truth about how you are betraying yourself. Then love yourself and end your suffering only then will the suffering of this planet be lightened and the suffering of our children can end. I hope this helps. I still get all of my normal feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, these things are part of the human experiment the human experience. Except now I observe these feelings and am no longer lost in their drama. I am truly free to live without suffering. Good luck to you all and true freedom of thought is possible. Love to you all.

Mom to Dorothy 12-10-00 and Rose 9-11-05
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I think for me, though writing sometimes helps, I honestly think I need to invest in a punching bag. I mean seriously - getting my yucky feelings out in a physical manner somehow defuses all the anger/frustration/helplessness and overwhelming feelings I get from trying to care for my three little children.

Thanks for your input, though. While I've heard similar things about the "stories" we hold on to (from a Landmark Forum seminar - in case you've heard about it) and how they can be released when we get them down on paper and even reciting them many times (so that even tire of our own stories and they no longer hold power over us), at least for me, I feel better when I can bang things around (not my kids of course, just inaminate objects).

I think one of my daughters is just like me and likes to burn off tons of frustrated energy in a physical manner too. I need to get her a punching bag too (so she stops using her older sister as one :LOL ).
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