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A little bit sad...

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I was just curious about start off DH and I are ttc #2 right now...I am really hoping to get preggo soon. DD was born 3 months early and due to a lot of issues I was only able to pump/nurse her for 3 months. I absolutely loved it and miss it terribly. With our next little one I def. plan on bfing...I am not sure how long, my first goal is to go at least a year and then see where it goes from there. CLW is something I am considering and I thought that DH was on board with me and supportive if it is something I want to do in the future. Well tonight we were talking about it and he said that nursing past 2 years is absolutely gross and that nursing a school age child is going to mentally disturb them...I was a little shocked and saddened that he said that. I just don't know how to deal with that...I am thinking and hoping that as time goes on he will just accept my nursing even if it goes on longer than he would like...with no support I know it might be tough for me to keep nursing. My family is very mainstream and I know I would have no support with them either for I was curious do all of you have a lot of support? If not how have you dealt with that?!
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You know, I never talked to dh about nursing past infancy. Like you, my first goal was for a year, and sometime in that first year it shifted to two years. Then I gradually shifted to CLW. After spending some time here, CLW seemed like a good idea, but I always told myself I would see what happened.

DH has seen how good nursing has been for ds, and has never said a negative word about it. I'm glad I didn't ask him when I was first pregnant though, because I wouldn't be surprised if he had said something like what your DH said. I think experiencing the reality with your own children is different from spouting the prevailing current view in our culture.

I'm not sure I would have been entirely comfortable with the idea of nursing a 4 year old when I was first pregnant, but now that I'm doing it, I think it's great. I guess different people have different ways of getting used to "new" ideas.

By the way, I have no support IRL for nursing this long. Thank goodness for MDC!
I certainnly had no idea i'd be nursing a three year old .It just kind of happened. it's one of those things that happened one day at a time.If you do get pregnant and enjoy bf'ing, I'm think it may be easier to get your dh on board.It's different when you're right 'in something'.I must say I've had tons of support from dh,my family, and many friends who are also nursing 2+ year olds.MDC has also helped tremendously.For me at this point I feel very strongly about it and nobody will change my feelings except for myself and/or dd. You and your dc will make the ultimate decisions.
Not much time because my nursling is calling, but perhaps showing him the info from the aap that says there is NO evidence of nursing to age 3 or older is harmful psychologically and the extended bfing fact sheet ( would be helpful? MOre later. LOL
I think its way too early to argue with your dh about something taking place such a long time away. If he's supportive of nursing until age 2- you are doing great, and you can cross that next bridge when you get there. I personally, had a lot of support to nurse for the first year, made it clear to those around me when dd turned 1 that I wanted to follow the WHO recommendation to nurse until 2 and didn't get any crap from anyone IRL until after 2. Around then dh did ask me to quit NIP, but by then dd was able to wait until we got home, so it wasn't an issue between us. DH was neither supportive nor antagoizing about nursing after dd turned 2, he was just neutral. But by then I didn't need nursing support the way I had when dd was tiny- and I could get the support I needed here at MDC.

BTW- GL TTC and Good for you for deciding to nurse!
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