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This is totally apropos of nothing, but I SO wanted to share my happiness.

I have a good friend in Louisiana with a daughter the same age as DS. She & I got pregnant at the same time last autumn and both miscarried within days of each other in January.

Ever since I found out I'm pregnant with this baby, I've been hoping she'd get similar news. About 4 weeks ago she called me ecstatic. However, her 1st blood test came back slightly out of whack and the ultrasound showed what looked like a blighted ovum. Her MD was all for scheduling a D&C that day, but she wanted a 2nd opinion. Today, her 2nd opinion came back with FABULOUS news - the baby was a "slow developer" and is now right on track, including showing a little flutter for a heartbeat!

I know we are all way past that point of early loss fear, but I just got all gooshy with happiness for my friend who was thoroughly prepared to go through yet another m/c, and wanted to share. And dance!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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