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A mastitis rhyme (thought of by me)

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1-2-Nursing the Boob
3-4-Ow, it's sore
7-8-finally feeling great
9-10-Oh no, pain again!

After months of putting up with it, and a week of not nursing that side, it was feeling soooooo much better!! Now my right side feels some pain when first latched on (but it goes away this time!), and the end of my nipple is clear white.
: This is getting old, but I'm keeping it nursed out, and I'm drinking tons and tons of water. I hope to beat this yet!
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What do you mean clear white? Is there ever pain after the nursing is over? Or is it just initially?

Some moms that get mastitis and/or plugged ducts take lecithin granules -- it is supposed to help keep things flowing, so-to-speak. here is one place it talks about it. Maybe it would help you!

BTW, I love the poem, and I will figure someway to use it (and of course credit you, too
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