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I need a system and I'm giving up on Fuz Gardens, the price just goes too high when I don't know if it will even fit my babe correctly, so I am moving over to wool soakers, they are just as cute and half the price.


What do you like and dislike about a soaker vs a regular wrap/cover?
I recall reading that it isn't much fun to take a soaker off when there was a blow out. Any other disadvantages too them? What are the advantages?

Do you like with leg cuffs like Kool Sheep soakers or without cuffs? How do the cuffs fit under pants? I'm imagining cuffs hold yuckies in better and I think they look super cute to wear as shorts in the summer, just wondering about the fit under pants thing.
How about with or without a drawstring?

Any favorite sites, I'm interested in looking at wool and acrylic? I can only remember Kool Sheep.

Do they work for all ages? I'm currently just looking for NB/SM will they work fine for that age, as well as later when babe is scootching/crawling/walking/running?

I think thats it for now.

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In my experience, the advantages of a soaker are:
--more forgiving in fitting on different body types as well as different diaper styles (prefolds, fitted, bulky fitteds)
--stretch typically helps them fit for a longer time than most wrap/covers
--since they "hug" the diaper, you get a trimmer fit than a poofy cover (this is a big one for me since I primarily use wool at night over a big fitted; I get total coverage without the poof)

I do find that a good felted cover is better at preventing sweating/wicking than a soaker, especially with big floods (like my toddler tends to do when she wakes up in the morning).

I like the cuffs/rolls because my dd doesn't have chunky thighs. The cuffs seem to provide better coverage over my fitteds. I don't really see the cuffs/rolls under pants unless they were really tight like leggings or something.

I also like a drawstring. Since I use them over bulky fitteds and my dd has a small waist, I need the drawstring for a snug fit. To keep it from being a choking hazard, you can tie it in a knot in the back.

I didn't start using wool until my dd was about 2, so I would say they definitely work fine for toddlers. The scootching stage might cause more wear and tear on the covers, but I usually just use them at night so it isn't much of an issue for me. I think the wool would stand up just fine, maybe just need washing more often.

I love my soaker from Knitty Ups. My favorite covers are Patchwork Pixie, Phunkymama, and Hunny Buns (very economical!).

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I haven't really had a problem with the taking off the soaker with the blowouts, I use CPF"s (snappi'd) or fitteds under the soakers but even when we have a blow out it isn't any worse than taking off a wrap in my opinion (maybe because my baby sticks his hands and legs in everything anyway? LOL) but the taking off the pants/shoes thing is probably going to be a little more of a PITA this winter, but not a huge deal as we have some snap crotch pants and you only have to take off everything when you have a blow out, if you don't have to change the cover you just pull it down like the pants.

They do rock!
I would check e-bay for them? they seem to have a lot there, acrylic works for some, doesn't for us, but wool rocks! ~

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::::::::::sigh:::::::::: yeah.....that make sense.....about the dg. Its insane, and I got my second one used, and dh actually mentioned the fit thing. I fell in
with the boy style soaker, and booties from Tiny Birds our own Jenny_Adopt_China. No use experience, stay tuned for LizHarrisons experience next month. BaileysMommy?
made a cute soaker for liya. *Pretty blue!
Yall know the her url? The koolaid dyed Aristocrats are cute too! (sorry! I am searching and can't find a URL!


Is your sig new? I remember you from last summer when I got the strawberry. I left here for a while, did I miss a
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