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So I was posting this thread and went to to find a link to the books and found one that I am selling and it was $200.00!!!! So I put it up to sell it for $100 on Amazon. BUT if any mama's here need it I will sell it to you for what I paid $65.00 (including shipping) It is called Prenatal and Perinatal Biology and Medicine. I bought it for a class that I was taking on prental physiology. It is a great book if you are a med-head
(read that as it is technical but GREAT reading). I guess that you could buy it from me and then list it up for more money. I am just not that patient

The second book is Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology by Elaine Marieb. It is a very comprehensive overview of the entire body. It would be perfect for someone studying midwifery or for homeschooling. This copy has minimal highlighting in it (it was there when I bought it - I consider it a study guide)

$10.00 including shipping

Thanks! V.
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