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a pattern for felted wool side snaping cover?

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Hi. I am looking for a pattern for a diaper cover, preferably that is side snapping to make it a little trimmer. I would like to use wool from felted sweaters. I have a sewing machine & serger & I know basic sewing, but I have no experience with diapers.
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I think you could probably use any cover/fitted pattern with a shape that you like and just cut out the wool in that shape. Maybe get a freebee fitted diaper pattern and try your hand at a few of those before cutting into your felted sweaters? The good thing about felted sweaters is that they won't fray, so you could do without serging or turning and top-stitching if you wanted to.

I've been out of the diaper sewing scene for a LONG time (10 yrs!) so I don't really know what's out there for free patterns that are popular. Maybe someone else has recommendations??? I'm just starting to get my feet wet again so I would be interested in what's out there too.

looking at the prices out there I'd love ideas on a pattern as well!!
I've made a ton of wrap style wool covers just using a diaper pattern and binding with fold over elastic. I've made mine with the fattycakes pattern which is an awesome side snapping pattern that seems to fit most babies. You can also do a turned and topstitched cover with 2 sweater layers as long as they aren't too bulky.
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