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A pleasant surprise from the mainstream media

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I signed up for BabyCenter's weekly e-mails while I was pregnant. Since my baby was born, I've been receiving their weekly developmental updates. Usually, they're full of mainstream crap and not much else. That said, I read the monthly blurbs anyway. What can I say?

So, I got the 11-month e-mail this evening and saw the "when to wean" topic and promptly clicked on it, ready for the worst. However, I was quite pleasantly surprised. They have a "pros and cons of nursing past your baby's first birthday" piece and it really is very positive. I think if I were on the standard wean-at-1 plan, I might think twice after reading this piece.

Here it is:
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That sounds really good coming from that place

But they still have formula ads plastered all over the place
: .
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While still too mainstream for me, I am happy to see "Still breastfeeding your toddler? Good, keep it up" articles from time to time.
I agree! Even if its still a little mainstream, I'm glad that the concept of EBF is out there in the mainstream literature at all. We have to start somewhere right?
Very interesting. Thanks for the post! I've gotten to where I just delete my BabyCenter emails without reading them.

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Originally Posted by lrlittle
I've gotten to where I just delete my BabyCenter emails without reading them.

I do the same thing!
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