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This is a fabulous Yahoo group:

Every two weeks or a month the group discusses a different dog-related book, and usually (not always) gets the author to chime in on the discussion. Some are fiction, some non, some advanced, some quite literally "for dummies." Having the author there makes the experience quite interesting and often insightful.

I tend to pop in and out; some of the books interest me and others do not. The group just finished "Successful Dog Adoption" by Sue Sternberg (I like the generic concept, think the author is way off when it comes right down to it) and is moving into "Canine Body Language" by Brenda Aloff (this one I am definitely going to try to read--it looks fabulous).

I generally lurk on the list itself, because the regular posters are WAY advanced dog-wise (trainers and exhibitors) and I am a very little fish. But even without posting if you want to dive into discussion that is very deep and interesting this is the place for you. And the archives are fabulous.
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