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Whaddya think?

  • People should stay in the correct DDC

    Votes: 1 3.3%
  • People can hang in whatever DDC they are likely to birth in, even if it's not when they are due

    Votes: 6 20.0%
  • People can hang out in whatever DDC they feel comfiest in

    Votes: 23 76.7%

A poll

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Ok, so I know a bunch of people in the February DDC and would love to hang out here. Trouble is, I am due Jan. 26. And my DD was born on her EDD, so I'm not especially likely to go late.

Can I hang out here?
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Since I post in January too and I'm actually due on February 2nd, I say pull up a seat!!
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honestly I probably should be hanging out in the January DDC too, since there is a decent chance I may have this baby in January.
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I don't think it matters when your actual due date... we are all going through the same things, so hang out wherever you want.
Well, I've had this exact same due date before and wound up giving birth to a healthy, full-term 7 pounder on January 27, so maybe I should be in the January DDC.

I feel like I belong here because I have shared TTC with some of the people here and others I knew from elsewhere and wanted to get to know better so my jaw completely dropped when they showed up here.

I'd love for you to join us.
I am due about 2/2 so I could go early, but most likely I will be late as I have been with the last 2! I do check out the Jan DDC also!
Yeah- I'm hanging out in January too because I have a 1/3 chance of going early. I'm due in January by LMP, Feb by ovulation, but I am resigned to the idea that due dates really ARE a work of fiction where I'm concerned. I'll probably go play in March too...
According to my doc, I am due on Jan 30th or earlier. According to ff I am due on the 2nd of Feb. I have been lurking around in the Jan. ddc too. I went a week late with both my other pregnancies so I should deliver in Feb. Who knows when my baby decides to come
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Tie, you're welcome and loved anywhere I be.
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I'm actually much more likely to deliver in January than February.
The only reason I felt comfortably posting in the June group with BooBah was that I was due on the 30th, so I knew it was very likely I'd actually deliver in June (though I have to say, as her birthday approached I thought it more and more likely that she'd be born in July
; she wasn't). Bella was due 20 April and I thought I was "safe"-- no dice, she was born in March. BeanBean was born in November, but at the begining of the month (I was due at the end). I'm due the 16th of Feb and I think it's very, very likely the baby will come at the end of January, so I said hi over there... but I'm still hanging out here, because people will be at the same point in their pregnancy miseries as I am.
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