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A post about diaper butt got me wondering...

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does anyone's DS ever suffer from diaper wenis? or DD get diaper front? I know mine DS does...LOL. For nap time and bed I usually put a folded doubler in the front of DS's fitted, but since we only have 2 fitteds sometimes the bedtime dipes gets rather creative. Last night I put a FMBG cover on DS, we were out of fitteds so I got a trifold hemp thing (doodlebottoms I think) and folded a Harleys pocket pal in half. I put that in the middle layer of the trifold and folded the trifold over it, and put a piece of fleece over that to keep him dry. When I put it on DS, he looked like he had diaper butt in the front and I had to laugh. It was so funny! I was wondering if anyone else has this "problem"?
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Yep!! I usually do an extra doubler folded in half right in front.... Looks so silly, but you do what you gotta do to keep the sheets dry.
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