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A question about bm and eye infections

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I know that bm helps clear up any goop in a bby's eye - how about an adult's? I am getting over a virus and the past 2 days my right eye has been very red. Anyone have success with bm in an adult eye?

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I've heard it works good on adults too! No reason it wouldn't

Yes it definately does! I've had a couple of eye infections since my bean was born as they come on when I am tired...! I simply popped a bit of milk on each time I expressed (so for you each time you feed) and it soon cleared up. Especially important to pop it on at night so that the anti bodies can work. I've also used milk on cuts, grazes spots and burns - all on me not the baby!

Make sure that you get rest too to give you a chance to fight the infection. Feel better soon.
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