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Hello! We are currently doing the Feingold diet for my DS (5 yrs old) and are only 2-3 weeks into Stage One. Already we're seeing improvements (hooray!). But here's my question: since coffee is a "no no" in Stage One is is okay for me to brew some decaf in the house? I've been doing so and things SEEM to be okay, but I'm now wondering if I should tweak things a bit. We live in a one-floor bungalow so he's definitely exposed to the fumes even with the windows open.

DH and I are not completely doing Feingold (we're still drinking reg/decaf coffee and eating salsa/tomato products) but we have a "safe zone" in the kitchen where I do all DS' cooking/chopping, food prep. Are the coffee fumes (when I'm brewing) a challenge to DS' system? Or do I not need to take things quite so far . . .

Any help/opinions would be greatly appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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